Fruitcake of DOOM...Doom...doom
by Mrs Susan McGaw (Salar)


One of my favorite Christmas memories as a kid had to do with this long-lived fruitcake. One Great-Aunt sent it to my Stepfather's family by mail, and while that family does eat fruitcake (I actually like it) - this one seemed a bit old. As a gag, the recipient rewrapped and regifted the Tin of Everlasting Dessicated Fruitcake-ness to another unsuspecting relation. The next year, that person regifted the old cake & tin to another relative who was present at the gathering, and from this time on, it became a game of stiffing someone else with it. (Only rules were that they had to be old enough to understand it wasn't safe to eat and they had to be at the family gathering in person.) One record year it was regiven nearly a half dozen times in a single Christmas! The (alleged) fruitcake lasted for YEARS this way. I forget how many - 6 years? 8 years? 11 yrs? At last an uncle ate (Buh Buh Bah) The Fruitcake of DOOM... Doom ...doom ...whilst very drunk. Amazingly, he suffered no ill effects.

I can never look at a fruitcake (especially if it's in a round tin) without thinking of it. lol



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