This is where I post the goodies based some of my favorite series (as well as some made as presents). Expect this section to grow over time. (I frequently find myself building whatever I want to use in my fan art, as well as gifts for others) Consider asking if there's a model you like that I've not shared. Odds favor that I'll be able to share it. :)

If you've got questions concerning how to use these models or are thinking about requesting a model, check my FAQ here.

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If something does not work correctly, please check the FAQ. If you don't see an entry for your error, please tell me and I will help you as best I can. You can reach me at this email address. Heck, you can even just send a comment or a link to your art. I'd love to see it. :)

Please don't use any of these gifts commercially in any way, as these are essentially fan art meant to help other people make their own fan art. This applies whether or not the model(s) is immediately recognizable as fan art. The terms apply whether or not the model wears the original included textures, an expansion pack, or a custom-made texture.

All copyrights belong to their original owners. I made these particular models.

Other than that, go nuts!

Table of Contents


Moonstruck Rainment

The Hanyou's Path

Assorted Goodness


Moonstruck Rainment :)
Adventures under the radiant moon

These goodies are also contributions to Realmling's Sailor Moon Project

A3 Sailor Suit

This outfit was made for Aiko3 and includes the following:

-One Leotard
-One Skirt
-One Collar
-One pair of Gloves
-One Brooch

Senshi Accessories
- Aiko 3

Essentially, this pack contains all of the bits that were not bundled with the fuku. I recommend picking this up if you picked up the suit.

Included are the following goodies:

-Two versions of the ubiquitous Tiara, with maps
-Two neckbands
-Four pairs of smartprop Earrings
-Hair Gems
-Two more Bows
-One fancy map for Sailor Jupiter

Mars Heels Ver1 - A3

These were made for Aiko3.

It includes three textures -red, orange, and white - as well as the ankle bands to make Venus's shoes. :)

Moon Boots - Aiko3

Included is a set of boots, textures for Sailor Moon's boots, and textures for Sailor Mercury's boots.

Also made to fit Aiko3, these were the first shoes I have ever made. These taught me to not be afraid of tougher projects.

Jupiter Boots - Aiko 3

These are based on Sailor Jupiter's ankle boots.

Dark Gem Dress for Victoria 4

Includes the dress, crown, necklace, armbands, earrings

This dress was challenging to build, but so worth it. :) The dress has sixteen body handles to give you a lot of control over how it moves. This is the first time I have ever included body handles in an outfit.

4 King's Uniform - Hiro 3

* Tunic
* Gloves
* Boots
* Pants
* Dark Crystal

Its counterpart is right there -->


4 King's Uniform, Commander - Hiro 3

Contains the following:
* tunic
* pants
* boots
* Cape, with different epaulettes

All items, except for the cape, use the same maps as the other uniform. :)

Serenity's Crown

Contains a Crown, smart-propped to Aiko3's head

Sadly, I was not able to include any shaders this time. You might want to obtain some good ones or bring the model into a program with a robust engine for more realistic results. This preview was rendered in Bryce6, by the way.

Usagi's Ring

Moon Rabbit's Engagement Ring


Contains a ring, smart-propped to Aiko3

Like Serenity's Crown, this freebie needs external shaders to be at its best.



The Hanyou's Path


The Taiyoukai's Younger Son (DYNAMIC CLOTH)

Inuyasha outfit

I started this one some years ago, but stopped because I thought no one wanted it. I picked it back up after TaishoBee, a really nice person, asked me to make this for her.

(I'm still making a preview image)

Inuyasha Hair

This is the companion hair I promised. :) It's easy and fun to use.

Both the hair and the ears have several motion morphs. I kept getting lost playing with them.

The hair and the ears are separate objects. Although I had Inuyasha in mind, this stuff could be useful for other characters too. (There are other characters who have cat/dog/fox ears out there)




Assorted Goodness

This is a catch-all for anything cool that hasn't got (yet) any companion models.

Bunny Doll

This cutie was requested by AiharaYukii. Although I am not a fan of OHC, this was a fun challenge to take on!

The Eleventh Doctor's TARDIS

I initially built this one for "An Unearthly Cat: The Claws of Nyan".
Mom (Salar37) really liked this model and asked me to upload it. :)

It's in .obj format, instead of a Poser format. Poser can import .obj files, but other programs often cannot import Poser files, sooo...I figured that might make it easier to use.

Magical Trading Card
Just a strange playing card I made a few years back.
It contains one card with a few morphs.

The requestor asked to not be identified.

Kitty Doll

Another request from AiharaYukii, this little kitty works the same way as the bunny above.







Technical and Legal Questions

1. Is it okay to use this stuff commercially?
Unless you hold the copyright to any of the other series/stories the Cosplay Closet models celebrate, please don't sell anything made from my Cosplay Closet models. If you do hold the copyright and decide to use my models, then please tell me? I can be found at

2. What program were these models made for?
These are prepackaged for use in Poser, and (mostly) can also be used in Daz Studio. However, if you decide to use them in another rendering package, that's cool too. Just be aware that Poser models are polygon-heavy and may take longer to load than most conventional models.

3. Can it just be unzipped and used?
Yep. All you have to do to get at the goodies is unzip the folders where you want them installed. :)

4. Help! A texture's missing!
Sometimes, the early models ask for the psd files I used to make their textures. Don't let it throw you. Check under Textures>Cosplay Closet and if a jpg image named for the object is there, select it. If not, pick a texture from there that's colored the way you want. There will be something there that works. (I map stuff, but also use swatches)

I have fixed some things so that you'll not have to hunt for textures, but there may be stuff I missed.

5.The matpose didn't apply automatically! (occasional Daz Studio 4 issue)
If the material didn't apply when you clicked the object in the viewport, DS may not have actually selected the object. To get around that, select the object in the scene tab before using the matpose.

6. Is it okay to redistribute this stuff?
Please ask me first. If someone you know can't get online to download my gifts themselves, then it is okay to send them the freebie(s) they need, as long as you do it for free.

7. Oh no! [freebie] is gone! Now how do I get it...?
If a model is not on here or at ShareCG, you're not out of luck. Send me a message and let me know which one you'd like to have. For the quickest response time, send me an email.

8. What is the earliest version of Poser that can read this stuff?
This stuff was made in Poser 6, but it should be backwards compatible to version 5, or possibly even to version 4. However, the previews won't appear in Poser 4.

9. Do you take requests? or I really want [character]'s hair, sword, cap, ect. Please help?
Yes, I take free requests. I can also be hired to design and build custom models (as long as you or whoever you represent hold the rights to the design). Ask and I will provide a contract. :)

If it's fan art, you'll get it for free. If it's original, then I would like compensation.

10. I'm not pleased that a model here references my intellectual property. I want it removed.
No problem! If you are the original copyright holder and you'd like me to remove a model that references your work, then let me know here.

It may take time - I will verify the claim (We've had problems with trolls impersonating folks before)- but I cooperate when the request comes from the rightful owner.

11. [Series name] appeared here; that must mean you’re a fan too!
Maybe yes, maybe no. Sometimes I build from series I am not particularly fond of - or might even loathe - when making a nice present for someone.

12.I saw a model I like in your art, but it's not uploaded as a freebie. Can I use it?
I'm flattered that you're interested. :) Let's see if we can work something out. Send me your request at this email address.

This applies to both my original work as well as my fan art. If it's an original, ask me about puchasing a license! They're cheap, and net you great models fast. :)

All properties referenced on this page belong to their respective owners. These models are GNU fan art and are not intended for commercial use in any capacity.