Santa Penguin
by Mrs Susan McGaw (Salar)

Just a silly little tale to while away a few eggnog-filled moments. enjoy :)




The mantel clock kept sleepy time to the whispering breeze playing over the Christmas tree. Its branches waving, rustling ever-so-slightly in the warm draft. A quiet hour had descended upon the house. Sadie, the cat slept on the bay window. The family dog snored by one child's bed. Dreams live in such an hour. They greet one another and play together amid fairy rings.

On the porch, several boards heaved up, creaking, and settled back into place as if undisturbed. A shuffling, waddling walk slips across them, climbs the siding, bwacking softly, when flippers slip a bit against the slick, chilled surface. At the top the red-robed avian slides through the glass window as if by magic and disappears. The cat rouses lightly, sneezes at the sudden moist chill air tickling her dainty pink nose.

Sadie looks for the cause, her pert ears twitching this way and that, looking for the source of the scuffling sounds now pattering toward the tall tree in the corner. She can see nothing, but decides to follow. There is a faint smell of halibut in the room. delicious.

Santa Penguin, chuckles softly to himself as he makes his way to an unopened mailbox at the side of the tree. Appearing suddenly, He slips a flipper through the side of the package as though holding something small and then goes through the process again, removing crinkled paper to the outside of the box. There, still perfectly packed and none the wiser. Bwacking cheerily, he moves toward a box in the hallway that is nearly ready to mail unaware of the sentry gliding behind him, watching his every motion.

Santa Penguin slips small packets in here too, chuckling to himself. They would never guess what these were. no, never. Surprise was half the fun. He spent long hours studying the shifting blue shadows on the frozen fjord near his home coming up with these fun notions. They were inspired. Many of them were penguin-shaped, oddly enough. Penguins were the most appealing creatures on Earth and several other planets, in his humble opinion, but it surprised him that the fjord should agree so often. All the long hours, fiddling with crafty bits made of herring, cracked crystals, and long-since escaped balloons came together in such a moment. Christmas might come without a Santa Penguin, but it wouldnt be nearly as much FUN.

Santa Penguin waddled back toward a plate of chocolate chip cookies and milk he'd seen waiting on a small table near the tree. He nibbled at one with his beak, and found it tasty, though not as good as ice cream. hhmm... maybe if he took the milk and cookies back with him he could make some fresh ice cream. But as Santa Penguin lifted a finely turned flipper toward the glass, Sadie finally made her move. She dashed forward and pounced high, but as she came down found herself flailing over air. Seeking her balance lands her firmly on her favorite part of the Christmas tree, the one with the neat gold jingles.

A bright light turns on overhead and loving arms scoop up the puzzled feline from her festive perch. "Sadie, you silly kitty, you'll get your toy tomorrow. Right now its time to sleep." Sadie peers back into Christmas lights as she's carried away, certain she can hear a penguin laughing.

Good night, everyone, and Merry Christmas.





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