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Archive for the ‘Hiro3’ Category

New Freebie!

Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

The other half of the 4 King’s Uniform is finally done!

The pants were not cooperating at all, until I rebuilt them. After that, however, the process finished swiftly.

There is something to know about using the pants. They work well but have poke-through issues in some poses. I have included a matpose to resolve that issue easily.

4 King’s Uniform, Standard – Hiro 3

* Tunic
* Gloves
* Boots
* Pants
* Dark Crystal

New Addition to Cosplay Closet

Friday, November 14th, 2014

Just wanted to let you guys know that there’s a new outfit in the Cosplay Closet. 🙂

The Taiyoukai’s Younger Son (DYNAMIC CLOTH)

This outfit is a hybrid of conforming clothes and dynamic cloth. This freebie is geared toward Poser users. (I’d had hoped that it would work with Daz Studio, but that didn’t pan out.

Initially, this was going to be purely a conforming outfit, because, when I first began it, many people still preferred purely conforming outfits (computers handled those better at the time).

This time, it mostly uses dynamic cloth to get the look right. The sleeves looked pretty bad rigged, so they’re dynamic. These days, most computers can handle the calculations necessary for the dynamics.

The bow for the waist may need to be moved forward for some poses.



New Freebies Available in Cosplay Closet!

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

Check it out! The first suit in the 4 Kings set is now available, along with some other goodies!

Freebie Poll – Four Kings (Sailor Moon)

Monday, June 25th, 2012

There are three versions of the Dark Kingdom uniform I’d like to post. The thing is, once one version is complete, finishing another won’t be tough.

My question is which version of this uniform would you like me to focus on? Please vote here for the one you want to see next!

Edit: Thank you very much for voting! 🙂 I now know that most of you would like to see the Hiro3 version first.


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