Welcome to Wryter’s Fyre

Well, its finally time. We have long envisioned this house as our friendly place to search about and find news on our latest & upcoming project announcements. A bit of free fun for the adventuresome tourist.

In time there should be screen shots and other news of the books, games, and other creations we are working on behind the scenes.

Given how long it has taken to get this place off the ground, I feel it would be only fair to keep a spot  where we mention when there is something new hidden on the site, or when a project is done and can be found easily.

So why not put those notes on my desk? Yes?

We’re still working on setting up the ‘usual’ business page with current projects, demos etc. Will add a link to it here so you can preview that too when the time is right

Feel free to check back anytime.

Your first hint…

Watch for the candy bowl to appear.

Hello world!

Yay! Wryters Fyre is adding content…finally!

Some of you have faithfully checked back again and again, waiting to see when one of our mentioned projects reached completion.

I know the first question is..is this place intended as a commercial or personal site?

Answer:  Right now Wryter’s Fyre is being stocked with freebies, fanfics, & the personable (we’re both nice ladies 🙂 journal entries from the founding artists.

We are also working on several projects that could go commercial, and we will let you know here when we have something for sale in one of our other venues. Fair enough?