Where is it?

I honestly don’t blame you if you have long given up on that candy bowl. Someone’s technically inclined hench-person destroyed it. Troll tolls cost everyone, even when you don’t feed them.

Seriously, we’ve had repeated hacker trouble. Given the intensity STILL shown to getting under the hood on this site, we long ago revised our plans to show screenshots, trailers etc. Now they will only appear when the small games, demos etc are complete, so people will have some idea of what they are downloading. 😛

As for the delay… Well if you know me in real life then you know that my husband has had serious health troubles for years (including over 10 serious surgeries since 2005,) and I am his primary care person (treatments, bandages, ointments etc for months at a time). You may remember that I went back to college for a bit and finished one Associates Degree and nearly completed another technical one. Yes, I still write short stories and the occasional book. Even my more practical hobbies like cooking, crocheting, and sewing have taken their toll on development time. Blah Blah Blah

Basically, other life goals took the place of concentrating on my game stories/designs. This is still ‘only’ a hobby. (We may feel strongly about it but we aren’t pros yet.) We are working on a shoestring here, with somewhat older computers and limited licenses, which hardly helps. It also didn’t help that our enthusiasm for the initial project chosen for full development fell through the floor, right along with our opinion of the person/company it originally honored. The statute of limitations may have expired, but we’re pretty sure we know who was behind the regular attacks that slowed our creative efforts even further. The worst and most destructive attacks began right after we submitted extensively detailed technical tickets to a small online gaming group. We were betrayed. I have no doubt about that. We have gotten  the weird impression that some of those responsible think this will somehow encourage us to make assets for them. All I can say to that is, if you really believe attacking our dreams will make us want to do anything with or for you, you must be insane.

In the years since we stored what survived of our initial projects (assets were destroyed), while this blog/site has languished in digital limbo, we story-boarded another humorous virtual adventure that suited our irritated sensibilities a bit better. We’ve learned store fresh assets OFFLINE and OFF THE COMPUTERS where they cannot be accessed by others. Hopefully, this will be enough to prevent a repetition of our previous problems.  And – our work gets prettier all the time – so any rebuilds will be a noticeable upgrade from the earlier editions.

I have dreamed up more projects than ever before. My (physical, pen & ink, unhackable) project book overfloweth. Whenever I get a little burnt out on planning or dialogue for the one tale, I just shift into designing one of the others for a bit. I am confident the concepts will entertain you when they finally see the light of digital day. Even if I never dreamed up another one, it would take quite a few years to get to the end of what I already have…  But these interactive dreams will have to wait their turn until we complete our current goal – a demo – for the game nearest to completion. You will see it one day. Our skills in creating digital worlds continues to improve. We are still mastering the possible game engines available to us, and our progress is encouraging. I hope we will soon complete one of them to the point where you can see at least a playable piece, maybe even the whole first chapter. We’ll see. Well, actually the beta people will see them first. We decided to keep initial Q&A in-house, but they are still on the list to see our creations first. I figure by now they aren’t holding their breaths, but it /will/ happen.  Demo one is finally progressing nicely. I thought you’d like to know.